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Tesla Motors and Southport

If you’ve had your eye on the news over the last two weeks, it should come as no surprise that Tesla Motors has been a topic of discussion at the Southport offices and with our clients. The Model 3 is not only changing the way consumers buy (or pre-order) vehicles, it’s also posturing to change


Yearly Financial Planning Strategies

Why it’s important to do a review. With the year coming to a close, now is a good time to sit down with your financial advisor to do a yearly review. We recommend that our clients do an annual review as a lot can change in a year. We want to make sure as we


Protect your vision through regular eye exams.

Did you know that most group benefits will cover the cost of an eye exam for you and your family, as well as, a percentage of any prescription eye glasses? August is National Eye Exam Month and healthy vision starts with an eye exam. For most of us we often overlook having our eyes checked


Meet your service team

We are thrilled to introduce your Southport Service Team. Whether you are looking for investment advice, employee benefits or personal insurance, our team is here to help you. With the ongoing growth of our organization we felt it was time to create a dedicated client services team to provide the most proficient and effective customer


Celebrating 10 years!

It all started with an idea 10 years ago. Mark Kenny was working in senior management at one of Canada’s largest insurance companies, while Andrew MacDonald was a seasoned business and sales professional. Both were keen to launch their own financial management consultancy where things were done differently. Where the goal was to build relationships


Safe, simple and secure. Guaranteed savings.

Have you considered purchasing a GIC? 3-year GIC Rate 3.00%* 1-year GIC Rate 2.75%* A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) can play an important role in your financial plan. At Southport Asset Management, we recommend GICs as a safe, secure way for our clients to grow their investment. They provide both security and predictable income as


Official representative of the CFIB group benefits program

We are proud to announce that Southport Benefits Solutions is now an official representative for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Group Benefits program. As part of the CFIB advisor network, Southport has access to the national network offering local service to members in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. CFIB members have access to

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