About Southport

Retirement and Investment Planning, Employee Benefits. The two share key, human components that have been all but forgotten in the race for expansive client rosters and profitability.

Those components are transparent communication, active relationships, and an honest interest in the wellbeing of the people you’re working with. The industry has forgotten, but Southport hasn’t.

Formed in 2008 following the successful merger of several wealth management and employee benefit consulting firms, Southport addresses the complex needs of its clients by doing the unheard of: asking them.

The mission is simple - we work to save the most valuable resource business and individuals alike share. That resource is time. One-on-one work positions us to ensure that you have access to the best products in the financial industry, and the liaison to participate in the process.

Southport has established relationships with all of the major insurance and financial organizations in Canada. Additionally, we have access to exclusive products in the Group Benefits space to ensure that your needs are covered.

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Our Team

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  • Mark Kenny - Partner

    Mark is passionate about helping clients manage their assets. A 22-year veteran of the industry, Mark honed his skills at one of Canada’s largest insurance companies. As a senior manager at Great West Life, he learned the importance of long term planning and is an advocate of developing strategic plans for clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Mark works closely with Southport clients to build trust and long term relationships.

  • Wendy Power - Director of Client Services

    To say Wendy is efficient and organized is an understatement. Wendy started her career in banking and customer service and for the past 15 years has been managing people. Including managing a busy, young family. Wendy is a great problem solver and will be your liaison with our vendors. She keeps us all on our toes!

  • Ron Ray - Senior Financial Advisor

    With an extensive career of over two decades in financial services Ron’s name is synonymous with integrity and trust - lending his expertise to building wealth for families or transferring assets as the next generation steps forward. Ron continues to provide excellent wealth management and insurance solutions for Southport clients ensuring their needs are met.

  • Andrew MacDonald - Partner

    Providing great customer service is Andrew’s mantra. He loves the challenge of working with Southport clients to develop tailored financial plans that achieve results. Andrew started in the industry 10 years ago following a successful sales and marketing career in several client-focused industries. His goal was to become a leading financial management and insurance consultant who believes that education builds trust and confidence long term. Andrew continually monitors his clients' progress to ensure they stay on track to reach their goals.