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Tesla Motors and Southport

If you’ve had your eye on the news over the last two weeks, it should come as no surprise that Tesla Motors has been a topic of discussion at the Southport offices and with our clients. The Model 3 is not only changing the way consumers buy (or pre-order) vehicles, it’s also posturing to change the whole world in the process.

In case you missed it, Tesla’s Model 3 is a gorgeous electric sedan that boasts 215 miles per charge. What’s game-changing about the newest entry into the electric space is that it’s accessible, and everyone seems to want one.

At a starting price of $35,000 and available for a $1,000 preorder right this very second, the magic happening here is that people lined up around city blocks and down bustling streets to get their preorder in! Sounds a little like the latest Apple product launching, doesn’t it?

Tesla as a company has sparked many creative conversations for us internally, and has long resonated with Andrew and I as an entity with a focus on changing the status quo. Their focus on providing superior utility to their clients, and positively effecting the industries they occupy rings true of our mission to bring relationships back into the wealth and benefits space.

What we’re seeing here is the blueprint for something spectacular. A product that’ll only dominate the market once it’s done its work redefining it for the better – despite the efforts of its competitors. We’re working hard to recreate that rare and turbulent ethos of change at Southport every single day, and we hope you’ll participate.

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