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Ours is a business of relationships, and they extend to both our clients and best-in-class service providers alike. Southport has partnered with only the best and most responsive vendors in the industry to ensure that together, we’re ready for every twist and turn down the road.


Provincial health plans aren't a catch-all solution to the curveballs life throws your way. Unexpected health issues that require medication or treatments beyond what a hospital will provide tend to fall outside of the scope of Government plans. Personal health insurance changes the name of the game, providing flexible solutions that make your plan a perfect fit, and the security you need to live life to the fullest. Health, drug, and dental benefits are just some of many options at your disposal.


As important as acknowledging the value of life insurance is understanding how to customize your options, and purchase what's right for you. Determining whether a term, or permanent plan is most in line with your needs is just one of the many benefits of seeking out a professional consultation when planning for the future.

By setting up safety nets and accessible resources, you're ensuring the loved ones you leave behind are protected, and will be free to focus on what matters most. Young or old, single or married, employee or business owner - there's never a wrong time to invest in the future.

Critical Illness

Critical illness comes tied to treatments and recuperation. Ensure that any lost wages and lifestyle changes are covered, so you can focus on a thorough recovery. By leveraging to transfer a portion of the financial risk tied to critical illness, you can ensure your financial plans remain intact no matter what comes your way. Protect your hard-earned money from medical expenses - foresight and flexibility go a long way in this.


At the forefront of meaningful protection is the endeavour to preserve that which cannot be replaced. You, your loved ones, and assets of significant value all fall within the realm of what matters most. What's in place to protect your ability to earn a living? When employment and income are jeopardized by an injury, thorough disability coverage will ensure that you’re equipped to live comfortably, and most importantly, recover fully.


Travel is an experience that changes you and your loved ones. A time to recharge, to take in cultural revelations, and gaze at both breathtaking monuments and our planet's beautiful geography. Nothing should stand in the way of those moments, and with the right travel insurance, nothing will. When crossing borders it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Cover lost luggage, cancellations, injury expenses, and a great deal more - all under the travel insurance umbrella.

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