Employee Benefits

Covering All The Angles

Health, and wealth. The two are fundamentally tied to your wellbeing, and we’re in the business of getting you there. Southport offers a full range of employee benefits programs, to cover what’s best for you. Let's get started.

Group Benefits

Apart from the increase in team morale, productivity, and company loyalty, offering a group benefits plan to your employees can drastically improve the state of your organization. Southport Benefit Solutions' custom-tailored group benefits plans are designed to keep your employees healthy and at work, and are a value add to any organization, offering comprehensive benefits at competitive prices.

Teams of as few as three are eligible for comprehensive group benefits - call us today for additional information.

Group Retirement Solutions

Management and business owners looking to provide savings plans options to their employees demand flexibility, and Southport Benefit Solutions offers just that. Your wide variety of options include:

  • Defined contribution Registered Pension Plan
  • Defined benefit Register Pension Plan
  • Individual pension plan
  • Group RRSP
  • Deferred profit sharing plans

Why Southport?

At Southport Benefit Solutions, the core of our focus is providing you with adaptable services that will accommodate your lifestyle. That means competitive pricing, innovative products with flexible options for ever-growing organizations, and leveraging our expertise to help you implement cost-effective benefits solutions.

When it comes to Group Retirement Solutions, we work closely with you, helping to build a clear and fully customized plan that works for both your employees and your organization.

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