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Retirement and Investment Planning, Employee Benefits. The two share key, human components that have been all but forgotten in the race for expansive client rosters and profitability.

Those components are transparent communication, active relationships, and an honest interest in the wellbeing of the people you’re working with. The industry has forgotten, but Southport hasn’t.

Formed in 2008 following the successful merger of several wealth management and employee benefit consulting firms, Southport addresses the complex needs of its clients by doing the unheard of: asking them.

The mission is simple – we work to save the most valuable resource business and individuals alike share. That resource is time. One-on-one work positions us to ensure that you have access to the best products in the financial industry, and the liaison to participate in the process.

Southport has established relationships with all of the major insurance and financial organizations in Canada. Additionally, we have access to exclusive products in the Group Benefits space to ensure that your needs are covered.

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