Elements by Medavie Blue Cross

Elements by Medavie Blue Cross

Simple. Flexible. Responsive.

We are very excited by the new individual health insurance plan Elements by Medavie Blue Cross. This plan is a revolutionary approach to health insurance – it’s customizable and tailored to your individual needs and can be modified throughout your life. So, if you get married or have children, or jump onto another corporate benefits plan for a time, you can make changes to Elements. It helps you navigate through changing times, making sure you always have the best coverage for you.

Here are some of the biggest benefits we see with Elements by Medavie Blue Cross.

Flexible plans and budgets.

Health and drug plans as little as $38 per month. As your life changes, your coverage can too! You can mix and match coverage with optional levels of prescription drug and dental benefits, as well as additional types of coverage to protect against critical illnesses, hospitalization and ensure the stability of coverage.

It’s simple.

Simply choose your level of health benefits – Entry (60%), Essential (70%) and Enhanced (80%). Health benefits cover a wide range of practitioners including physical therapy, audiologist, occupational health and many others.

Other Coverage.

Then you choose the other types of coverage you need, from Dental, Prescription Drug, to Critical Illness, Hospital Cash and Assured Access. You pick the coverage you need. And the best thing is that should your needs change, your plan can too.

Ask us about Elements by Medavie Blue Cross today. 

We’ve got you covered.